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SMS Healthcare provides high quality, patient-centred care in these key treatment areas;


(Bones, Joints & Muscles)

General Surgery

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What are the causes and how to manage a heavy periods.

Cataract Surgery

Understanding Cataract Disease

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General Surgery Health Features

Oral & Maxillofacial


Women’s Health


General Surgery

ENT Health Features

Dr Mathew Keegan

Dr Mathew Keegan

Clinical Associate Professor Michael Cooper OAM

Clinical A/Prof Michael Cooper OAM

A_Prof Steve Leibman

A/Prof Steve Leibman

Dr Sebastian Rodrigues

Dr Sebastian Rodrigues

Dr Hughie Tsang

Dr Hughie Tsang

Dr Arti Rattan

Cardiology Health Features

Dr Hughie Tsang

Dr Hughie Tsang

Dr Tony Chen

Dr Ilan Sebban

Dr Ilan Sebban

Dr Chi Man Lam

Dr Con Moshegov

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