Direct Access Endoscopy

What is Direct Access Endoscopy and what are the benefits?

Do you require a gastroscopy or colonoscopy and would like an expedited pathway to treatment? Our Direct Access Endoscopy service at Central Sydney Private Hospital provides eligible self-funded and insured patients with this, without the need for an initial specialist consultation.

The following procedures are available under this program:

  • Gastroscopy: A gastroscopy is a diagnostic procedure used to examine the throat, food pipe (oesophagus), and stomach, also known as the upper digestive tract. This test can assist in determining the source of your symptoms. A long, thin, flexible tube containing a small camera is inserted through the mouth, down the neck, and into the stomach. A gastroscopy can also be performed to obtain testing tissue (biopsy)
  • Colonoscopy: A colonoscopy is an examination performed to detect abnormalities in the colon and rectum, such as enlarged, irritated tissues, polyps, and cancer. During a colonoscopy, polyps and other types of abnormal tissue can be removed, if necessary, through the scope. During a colonoscopy, tissue samples (biopsies) can also be collected.
  • Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy: commonly referred to as `Top & Tail’, is when both a gastroscopy and Colonoscopy are performed in one procedure.

Why Central Sydney Private Hospital?

Fair & Transparent pricing

Making healthcare accessible with reduced surgery waiting times

One-bill payment with payment plans available for self-funded patients

Accredited hospital facility in the heart of Sydney

Tri-lingual Facility

Am I suitable for this treatment program?

You will be assessed against our admission criteria outlined below by our dedicated Direct Access Endoscopy Nursing team.

Here are some of the indications that could suggest you may be suitable for this treatment.

Indications for Colonscopy:

  • Abdominal Pain / Bloating
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Family History of Stomach Cancer
  • Iron Deficiency
  • Reflux
  • Screening / Follow Up
  • Test for coeliac disease / lactose intolerance
  • Weight Loss
Indications for Gastroscopy:
  • Abdominal Pain 
  • Family history of bowel cancer / screening
  • Follow Up
  • Positive FOBT
  • PR bleeding
  • Surveillance of polyps

Fair & Transparent pricing

Making healthcare accessible with reduced surgery waiting times

One bill for the episode of surgical care

Accredited hospital facility in the heart of Sydney

Tri-lingual Facility

Can I choose my surgeon?

Yes, you can choose your Surgeon. Our team will provide you with information on the specialists participating in the program, and you can undertake your research as to who you wish to proceed to have a consultation with. Otherwise, based upon the information you provide our team, such as your condition, residential location and the urgency to see a specialist, we can provide an appropriate specialist with the first available appointment. 

Whichever Surgeon you are referred to will be your treating specialist for the entire episode of your treatment, from initial consultation to hospital admission and aftercare.

All of our specialists are highly experienced and qualified surgeons who are accredited at the hospital and governed by the surgical standards set out by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.

Can I access this service if I’m not privately insured?

At Central Sydney Private Hospital we have a self-funded treatment program call Rapid Path to Treatmentwhich has affordable endoscopy packages which include;

  • Specialist Surgery Fee
  • Hospital Surgery Fee
  • Anaesthetist Surgery Fee
  • Medications provided for use during your hospital admission
  • Prosthesis and disposable equipment used in surgery

It does not include:

  • Discharge prescriptions or medications
  • Any personal accommodation expenses to access Central Sydney Private Hospital, i.e., airfares, hotel accommodation and travel expenses
  • Diagnostics such as pathology and radiology imaging for diagnosis or completed in an out-patient setting
  • Hardware and disposable surgical equipment used during surgery deemed clinically necessary and not included in your initial informed financial consent.


For more information on this program please contact

Medicare rebate for self-funded patients

If you hold an eligible medicare card, you may receive a small refund back from Medicare for the Specialist’s services; however, this refund is dependent on the procedure you will be having. Your Specialist will discuss what Medicare rebate you may be entitled to at your initial consultation.

Our team will provide you with an itemised receipt following payment for your surgery on your hospital admission. This receipt can be used to make a claim through Medicare based upon the item numbers included. 

Risks and complications

All medical and surgical procedures carry the possibility of both benefits and risks. Consult your treating surgeon for specific medical advice.

What happens if I have problems after my surgery

Following your hospital discharge, if you have any concerns or problems, you can contact our hospital nursing team on (02) 9281 3822 or contact your Specialist’s clinic directly.

Within a couple of days of discharge from the hospital, you will receive a follow-up call from one of our team members to capture feedback on your experience at Central Sydney Private Hospital. You will also have a follow-up consultation with your Specialist.

Should you have any clinical concerns where you have symptoms or are in pain, you should immediately contact your Specialist’s clinic or visit your closest public hospital emergency department for medical assistance. 

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